About Angel Lady Terrie Marie

“Angels wrap gossamer wings of loving healing energy around you, guiding your every step clearing your path.” Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms. 

Even as a young child Terrie Marie felt different from people around her. She could see and feel things far beyond what was normal and accepted in a child. For many years, she hid behind a wall of shyness desperately wanting to be like everyone else.

After much Soul searching, Terrie Marie chose to stop hiding in the shadows and accept her unique gift of channeling Angel messages and guidance. Her energy has been described as compassionate, loving and uplifting. Many of her clients and students say they can always tell when the Angel Lady walks into a room.

You will hear her say “thank you” or “okay” when you work with her or hear her speak publicly. Angels are always channeling their wisdom, knowledge, guidance and messages, answering questions and radiating positive healing energy wherever she is.

Angels are here to help you and so is Terrie Marie. She is committed to teaching you how to invite Angels into your life for healing, inspiration and the courage to live your Life Purpose.

“Terrie Marie I want to say thank you. What you are doing to empower and help Light-Workers across the globe is nothing short of remarkable. You are so gifted in seeing through the maze and helping each one of us on our path. I hope everyone that is trying to further themselves on their path will use you for guidance and inspiration to help them along. You are an Angel. Laura Lacy; Rockford, Illinois”

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