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English: Hazy blue hour in Grand Canyon. View ...

English: Hazy blue hour in Grand Canyon. View from the South Rim. Deutsch: Blick in der dunstigen Blauen Stunde vom South Rim auf den Grand Canyon. Français : Vue du Grand Canyon durant l’heure bleue. Italiano: L’ora blu oscura il Grand Canyon, fotografato dal margine meridionale (South Rim). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many attributes which are seen and unseen. Among the most challenging to surrender is fear, fear of the unknown. The unknown is not a threat. It is or can be a gift of being able to experience a shift within you knowing you are protected and supported as you continue to move forward with all you desire.

Having faith is trusting that all is unfolding in Divine Order according the that which is for your highest and best good, that of your Higher-Self.

Faith is defined as perfect knowing. Your conscious mind reacts to a multitude of conditioned responses, thoughts and emotions. The more you practice a particular belief or behavior, the more you have faith that you will achieve the same outcome time and time again.

It is a belief, an undeniable belief that there is nothing standing in your way. It is the belief that as you follow guidance, the unmistakable guidance of Angels and Spirit, all unfolds in Divine Order arriving in Divine Order. Faith opens doors which fear attempts to keep closed.

A Message from Uzziel*

Faith, how do you perceive a virtue such as faith? Do you perceive it as a testing, a trial, or as lessons? Faith is an elusive virtue of patience.

Mercy, compassion, love, forgiveness, acceptance, gentleness are all expressions of faith.

That which faces you now, do you have faith that all is in Divine Order? Do you practice the virtues of faith within yourself? Do you first practice loving you?

In loving you there is an abundance of love, an abundance of faith in all its many facets to share with another. In the practicing of faith, we remind you the perception of being tested is an Earthly realm concept.

Radiate love. Imagine sending forth soft loving rose light. Place yourself in a bubble of rose light allowing you to sense being filled with unconditional love, joy and contentment.

Imagine soft loving rose light enfolding someone close to you. Breathe in soft rose light, exhale shadow and darkness for these would steal from you all your deepest desires.

In the face of that which appears to be confrontational is the perception on the part of another. Is there a shift within you signifying disruption within a known comfort zone? This we say to you, go within, become peaceful, radiate love, radiate kindness, radiate the light of the Lord for all is occurring in Divine Time, in Divine Order.

Seek first peace within, peace shall radiate outward touching all with your thoughts, actions, emotions. Faith, how do you practice choose to the gift of faith this day? *channeled through Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

When you are ready to move forward leaving behind all that no longer serves you, there is a place deep within, a knowing that you have all you need to succeed. Success is determined by you and you alone. No other walks the path as you do.

As with all things practice makes the master. Master your inner emotions, the thoughts that attempt to keep you where you are. Allow you to flow your energy to where you want to be, following your path and ultimately fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., author of Inner-Balance and Harmony: Angel Messages for Healing and Inspiration, is a Master Angel Messenger who speaks and leads workshops that guide men and women want Angels in their lives to hear, connect and communicate with their Angels. Visit www.AngelLadyInnerSpirit.com to access information about Angels. Get in touch with Terrie Marie by email at TerrieMarie@AngelLadyInnerSpirit.com .

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